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= Top 20 List

Sightseeing First 20
Palm Islands United Arab Emirates
Giza pyramid complex Egypt
Eiffel Tower France
Empire State Building United States
Golden Gate Bridge United States
Panama Canal Panama
St. Paul's Cathedral United Kingdom
Red Square Russia
St. Peter's Basilica Vatican
Forbidden City China
Sydney Opera House Australia
Reichstag (building) Germany
Sultan Ahmed Mosque Turkey
Stonehenge United Kingdom
Acropolis of Athens Greece
Angkor Wat Cambodia
Alhambra Spain
Schönbrunn Palace Austria
Tokyo Disney Resort Japan
Taj Mahal India
Highest mountains
Mount Everest 8850 m. Nepal
K2 8611 m. Pakistan
Lhotse 8516 m. Nepal
Cho Oyu 8201 m. China
Dhaulagiri 8167 m. Nepal
Manaslu 8156 m. Nepal
Nanga Parbat 8126 m. Pakistan
Gasherbrum I 8068 m. Pakistan
Shishapangma 8027 m. China
Tirich Mir 7708 m. Pakistan
Ismail Samani Peak 7495 m. Tajikistan
Nyainqentanglha Feng 7162 m. China
Muztag Feng 6973 m. China
Huascarán 6768 m. Peru
Kangrinboqe Feng 6714 m. China
Cerro Yerupaja 6634 m. Peru
Buni Zom 6551 m. Pakistan
Kuh-e Tuluksa 6435 m. Afghanistan
Pir Yekhha-ye Darreh Sakhi 6414 m. Afghanistan
Nevado Coropuna 6377 m. Peru
Largest cities
Shanghai14608512 China
Buenos Aires13076300 Argentina
Mumbai12691836 India
Karachi11624219 Pakistan
Mexico City11285654 Mexico
Delhi10927986 India
Manila10444527 Philippines
Moscow10381222 Russia
Dhaka10356500 Bangladesh
Seoul10349312 South Korea
Constantinople10034830 Turkey
Sao Paulo10021295 Brazil
Ogoyo8789120 Nigeria
Jakarta8540121 Indonesia
Krung Thep8538610 Thailand
Tokyo8336599 Japan
East New York8107916 United States
New_York8008278 United States
Taipei7871900 Taiwan
Kinshasa7785965 Congo (Kinshasa)

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= Google Earth and search engine

Google Earth is very often searched on the Internet with incorrect spelling. The most often made mistakes are: Gogle Earth or Goggle Earth. It also happens that mistakes consist in incorrect spelling of the word Earth. Search statistics often indicate Google Erth or Google Eart. In single cases we can also meet words Gogle Erth or Goggle Erth. Other mistakes, like for example Gogle Eart, Googel Earth or Goggles Earth are rarely met. Correct spelling is of course Google Earth.